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ROI Lean Scan

In today’s highly competitive environment, it is crucial to have the ability to assess the organization efficiency. Over the last 15 years, and throughout hundreds of projects, ROI has been providing quick and reliable assessments of organizational efficiency. Our experience provided a framework on repetitively solving how to assess an organization, or what aspects to take into account during an assessment. The result is a standardized process enabling us to assess our client’s efficiency of production, level of employees’ knowledge, and employee involvement in lean. Based on that assessment, it is possible to put forward the right areas for power boosts and knowledge improvement. It is truly necessary to know the initial status – in order to achieve improvements from the Lean Management perspective.

In accordance with our Lean Fabrika training program, we offer the ROI Lean Scan service for production companies who are considering additional education, but hesitant about areas the education should focus on. The ROI Lean Scan is a diagnostic focus and organizational assessment in the following areas: