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ROI is just the right partner for our company. We jumped into the methodology of manufacturing with both feet. This wouldn’t have been possible without the consultants' detailed know-how about tool manufacture and their multifaceted experience in production. Equally essential to the success of the project was that the consultants worked in a way that was collegial and open. As a result, the enthusiasm can be seen in the entire team, and not just in management.
Julia Esterer,Geschäftsführerin Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugbauten und Anlagen KG


1. Opening statements - Robert Benacka
 2. Industry 4.0 - Werner Bick
3. Quo Vadis Lean Fabrika - Joachim Sauter
4. Lean Fabrika - Training Program - Martin Ernihold
 5. Lean Fabrika Certification - Ales Bartheldi
6.  Shop Floor Management - Richard Wardle