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We are very satisfied with the result. The design is already showing that short, efficient assembly time will be absolutely feasible. We ascertained these results not just in theory but very vividly with a 3P (Production Preparation Process) workshop. The design’s good momentum will also flow into a follow-up project.
Elmar Stichlmair, Consultant Engineering Assembly Civil Programmes, MTU Aero Engines

ROI International Projects

Over the last 10 years ROI CZ has been conducting consulting projects on a global scale. We have worked in the following countries:


Our consulting projects are typically related to:

- pre or post implementation support of various ERP systems
- efficiency improvements in production and SCM
- interim management production transfer
- production transfer

ROI CZ is constantly looking for qualified consulting resources, who could join our young and dynamic team to enjoy the challenges of international projects. We work with international consulting resources on a full-time basis as well as short term contracts. While the remuneration and benefits are way above average, we do require a certain flexibility.

Due to the large number of projects, the methods can be verified and tuned to assure the delivery of the required outcomes. ROI CZ services are required in various industries including retail, aerospace, production relocation, manufacturing and automotive.

Customer training is an integral part of the majority of our projects, for this reason we have established a training facility, where we give our customers the ability to experience how Lean IoT works.

In particular, we are looking for native speakers in East European countries. So, if you are fluent in Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian or Bulgarian you might be the candidate we are looking for.
People come to us from different professions. We are looking for people with a holistic view of business processes, who possess operational or consulting experience.
Efficiency is a key element in all our projects, hence an understanding of and experience with LEAN tools and methodologies are important.


Should you be interested in joining ROI CZ, send your CV to info@roi-international.cz