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At the recommendation of a long-time customer, we decided to go with ROI and we weren’t disappointed: The highly practice-oriented approach left a lasting impression on our entire project. In the process, the speed at which the measures were implemented was very effective, with the sustained result that existing processes, which were formerly considered to be 'normal', are now viewed more critically by employees and are optimised by them directly.
Mehmet Kamis, System Developement / Kaizen / TPM Coordinator, SONA BLW Präzisionsschmiede GmbH

JAMES P. WOMACK Layout test

JAMES P. WOMACK Ph.D. je zakladatel a hlavní poradce Lean Enterprise Institute Inc., neziskové a vzdělávací instituce se sídlem v Brooklynu, Massachusetts. Zpočátku se zabýval obchodním systémem TOYOTA a v současné době se věnuje celému systému řízení štíhlé výroby.

Je autorem nebo spoluautorem:


The Machine That Changed the World (Macmillan/Rawson Associates, 1990) Lean Thinking (Simon & Schuster, 1996), Lean Solutions (Simon & Schuster, 2005) Seeing The Whole Value Stream (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2011) Gemba Walks (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2011)

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