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ROI has become an important partner for the successful restructuring of business processes. The special quality of ROI lies in it being a blend of “implementer” and “strategizer", and it works so closely with the shop floor that synergies come about between the big players in the automotive sector and medium-sized companies operating worldwide, like Grohe.
Detlef Spigiel, Member of the Board of Directors, Grohe AG

IoT: Průmysl 4.0 vs. Industriální internet

Video, ve kterém p. Bledowski vysvětluje rozdíly mezi Průmyslem 4.0 a Industriálním internetem v rámci IoT.


Porovnání Průmyslu 4.0 a Industrial Internet Consortium (Industriální internet):


Zdroj: MAPI Foundation


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