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The improvement of the operative performance of our global positioned positioned production network is a key component of the strategic further development of our business area. By means of the project drive, we created structures and processes that are indispensable for operational excellence. Due to its strength of implementation, branch and methodical expertise, ROI Management Consulting has proven to be a competent partner in this project.
Dr. Karsten Kroos, Chairman of the Management Board of the Business Area Components Technology, ThyssenKrupp AG


1. Opening statements - Robert Benacka
 2. Industry 4.0 - Werner Bick
3. Quo Vadis Lean Fabrika - Joachim Sauter
4. Lean Fabrika - Training Program - Martin Ernihold
 5. Lean Fabrika Certification - Ales Bartheldi
6.  Shop Floor Management - Richard Wardle